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As you age, you may be unhappy to notice the lines and wrinkles appearing on your face. Led by Seema Sood, MD, the team at Green Valley Primary Care in Las Vegas has extensive experience in using Botox® to smooth out wrinkles, including the deep furrows between your eyes. For fast and effective treatment from a compassionate, experienced medical team, call Green Valley Primary Care today or book an appointment online.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable treatment that smoothes out lines and wrinkles in the skin. It’s derived from a paralyzing agent called botulinum toxin. When used by experienced clinicians and aesthetic specialists, Botox is one of the safest forms of cosmetic treatment, as its 30 years of use demonstrates.

Botox works by affecting the chemical signals that the nerves in your face produce. These signals control your muscles, so when you receive an injection of Botox, signals aren’t able to reach your facial muscles. The muscles relax, and lines and wrinkles smooth out as a result.  

In the right hands, Botox treatments deliver such natural-looking results, no one can guess you underwent a procedure. The team at Green Valley Primary Care has the qualifications and experience to assure you of a comfortable and effective treatment.

How is Botox administered?

Botox treatments are quick and easy, and you can stop by Green Valley Primary Care during your lunch hour and complete your treatment in around 10 minutes.

Your practitioner uses a thin needle to inject a carefully measured quantity of Botox serum into the lines and wrinkles you wish to reduce. The number of units of Botox varies according to the size of the treatment area, but most clients require three to five injections.

You may feel a slight pinch as the needle goes in, but it shouldn’t be painful. If you wish, you can have an ice pack or anesthetic cream applied to the treatment areas to numb any sensation.

How long do the effects of Botox last?

Soon after treatment, you should see a noticeable reduction of the lines and wrinkles in the target area. The effects of Botox treatment last for about four months, so if you want to maintain your appearance, you need to go back to Green Valley Primary Care for regular appointments.

If you decide to stop having Botox, there won’t be any acceleration in the aging process; you just gradually return to your pre-Botox appearance.

The aesthetics team at Green Valley Primary Care has over 19 years of experience delivering exceptional results to their clients with Botox injections. Call the clinic today or book an appointment online.